Carla Ferrera

Jason Higgins (Sport Contact USA) has been working with my daughter Sammy with her recruiting efforts to play soccer at the collegiate level. He has been very helpful in assisting her through this lengthy process and providing timely advice during key communication with the coaches. Here’s an overview as to some of the critical services he has provided:

- Provided a list of DI, DII & DIII schools for her to consider based on both academics and soccer ability/range.

- Assisted her with the writing and responding to coaches emails during different times of the recruiting process

- Available 7 days per week for advice, insight, and overall coaching on certain situations as they arise, with a quick response rate.

- Helps in her positioning to coaches during the different stages of the recruiting process

With his vast experience of coaching D1 soccer, he knows exactly what coaches are looking for (both on and off the field) as well as what is appropriate in regards to reaching out, responses, etc. and uses that knowledge to empower the players as they search for the right fit both academically and athletically, as it’s a balance that needs to be carefully examined throughout this entire process.