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The evaluation is a chance to have your son or daughter observed by an independent coach with a college coaching background. It is an honest assessment designed to provide your child with all the information they need to make significant improvement in their game. Evaluation registration is done over the phone or via email. If you have questions about costs or the process of having your child evaluated, contact us at 617-756-1150 or email at Also, if you have an evaluation done, you will be granted free access to the website email capabilities which allows you to email any college coach in the country. You can filter your search by state, NCAA Division, size of school, average admittance test scores, cost, etc. You will also have free access to the email templates to make the creation of emails to college coaches easier for you!



“Thanks so much for your advice, your service and your help. My 15-year-old daughter used the professional evaluation given to her by Sports Contact USA as a spring board to work on the weakness in her soccer game and quickly became more competitive and dangerous on the field. Less than 5 months after your evaluation, she exceeded all of our expectations and earned a HUGE scholarship at a D1 women’s soccer program. She is verbally committed and thrilled. The self-confidence from this alone has taken her game to an entirely new level. I highly recommend your services for the impact they can make on a motivated player.”  B. Rucker

“Jason Higgins performed an evaluation of my son who is a freshman in high school. He was extremely knowledgeable and accurate in assessing his strengths and weaknesses during the match. In addition, Jason was able to inform me of the Division level that he felt my son would be able to play for. My personal meeting with Jason during the game was an added bonus as I was able to ask him many questions about the college soccer recruiting process that he answered in great detail. I highly recommend to anyone to have an evaluation done by Sport Contact USA”.  J. Acosta

“Sport Contact USA evaluated my daughter and I would highly recommend having this evaluation done for your son or daughter. They provided a thorough and accurate 3-page written evaluation within 5 days from the tournament. In addition, the private conversation that I had with the Scout, Jason Higgins was very informative. It was clear that his years of college recruiting/coaching provided valuable insight into my daughter’s soccer development as well as preparing us for our future college search. I highly recommend Sport Contact USA!”  M. Speckhardt


“Jason was really helpful in evaluating my 16-year-old son's playing ability and helping us to focus on what he needs to do and which colleges he should focus on to improve his potential to be recruited for college. I highly recommend Jason for anyone looking to play soccer in college”.  J. Provenzano


 “I’ve known Jason Higgins for over 15 years. I recruited him as soccer player to Springfield College, he was elected captain of my soccer team by his peers and I hired him as an assistant soccer coach while he obtained a master’s degree in education. Upon graduation, I’ve followed his coaching career as he pursued his desire to become one of the best in his field. He learned the trade from a variety of coaches throughout the country and clearly accumulated invaluable knowledge and experience.

His best attribute is his genuine desire to help others. Jason takes pleasure in using the information he has obtained to help people succeed. He is a close friend of mine and I strongly recommend parents to take advantage of his ability to assist you with your college search. He will provide you with tremendous guidance and consultation regarding the college soccer arena.  

Peter Haley, Former Associate Professor and Head Coach, Springfield College


 “Jason was an integral staff member at Southern Methodist University during my tenure there. He was responsible for recruiting, scholarship allocation, video breakdown, match analysis and much more. His understanding of the financial aid system and ability to build relationship with student-athletes was instrumental in the success of the program and our Division I Final Four College Cup run in 2005!

Jason’s experience with me, his work at other top Division I programs and his coaching background at the Division II and III level provides a complete understanding of the college soccer landscape that only a handful of coaches can claim. He is a quality person that will only be a tremendous benefit for families who are beginning their college search for their son or daughter. I highly recommend his college recruiting company and his personal services to any who are navigating through their own search.

Schellas Hydman, Former FC Dallas Head Coach, MLS

Former Southern Methodist University Men’s Soccer Coach, Division I







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