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Expert Athletic Evaluations

The evaluation is a great way to be provided an outside, independent review of your son or daughter's current level of play. Our scouts have extensive Division I, II, III and NAIA coaching background as well as professional playing experience! As a group, we’ve coached in the West Coast, Midwest and East Coast collegiate soccer so we have a comprehensive understanding of the college landscape. Once we have evaluated your son or daughter we can work with you on your college endeavors.

The evaluation includes the following:

  • A full game evaluation
  • 3 page written evaluation breaking down each component of the position and ranking each skill by Division
  • Identifying which NCAA Division is best suited (low tier, mid tier or Top 25)
  • Private verbal assessment (if you choose) during the second half
  • Questions answered regarding camps, clinics, specific universities and the college recruiting process during the second half of the match
  • Post tournament conference call with parent(s) and athlete with CEO, Jason Higgins to answer any questions regarding the evaluation or general college soccer/recruiting items



Please contact Jason Higgins to set up an appointment at 617-756-1150 or email him at to receive an evaluation registration form.



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