National Letter of Intent Signing Day Info - Watch To Watch For

This is the time of year when many players are signing letters of intent to NCAA Division I, II and NAIA schools. It can be an exciting time for many athletes but also can be a frustrating part of the college search process. College coaches will be carefully and strategically sending out contracts to their recruits but I can't stress how important it is to read the contract in full detail. Even Division III coaches will send non-binding letters to create the perception that one is committed and can't talk to other coaches. Many players and parents are told one thing verbally but then the National Letter of Intent subtly says something different that completely alters the protection level of your child. Remember that the NLI is an binding agreement between your child and the institution (not the coach). Here are some warning signs:
1) Does the contract say that you won't receive money the first year or two but will receive money your third and fourth year?
2) Does the National Letter of Intent say something to the effect of: based on your performance or percentage of starting games within a season?
3) Is it an actual Letter of Intent or just a letter with the college logo?
4) Are you receiving the Letter on the day you are eligible to sign or weeks after?
These are things that we can discuss on an individual basis as it is very important to make sure all is in order. Please feel free to contact me at any time.
Jason Higgins

Jason Higgins
Sport Contact USA