How To Narrow Your College Search

As you begin your college search process, there are 5 things that you want to consider. It's important that you discuss as a family these factors that need to go into your college search,
1) Geographic Location - What part of the country do you want to attend school. Which state in particular? Do you want an urban setting or city environment?
2) Academic Major - Try to narrow down the academic major that you are interested in studying and find the schools that offer that major.
3) Athletic Level - Determine which level of college soccer is appropriate for you and reach out to those coaches. Do you want to be a potential starter as a freshman or are you willing to learn the ropes for a year and receive minimal playing time?
4) School Size - Do you want a large or small school? Do you need a small teacher to student ratio or prefer a lecture hall environment? 
5) Financial - What are the financial considerations that your family needs to be mindful of when choosing a college?
These are things that we can discuss on an individual basis. Please feel free to contact me at any time.
Jason Higgins
Sport Contact USA