Why Hire Us!

Here are the many reasons why you should use a small soccer recruiting company (Sport Contact USA) over a large multi-sport company to guide you with your college soccer recruiting needs:


- The big companies hire inexperienced ex-players with no or very little college coaching background. Sport Contact USA has ONE soccer consultant with over 15 years of college coaching at the NCAA Division I, II, III and NAIA level that you will work with directly. 


- The big recruiting companies focus on multiple sports. Sport Contact USA focuses only on soccer!


- Your contact person at the big companies will change as those people often move into other positions and you will have to "start over" with a new contact person. The Sport Contact USA soccer consultant is the owner; therefore your contact person will stay consistent.


- The big companies often take a day or two to respond to your emails or phone calls. Sport Contact USA prides itself on its availability and quick response time.


- Big recruiting companies will often not know the details of your child or family due to their large number of clients. Sport Contact USA has a personal relationship with each one of our families enrolled in our year-round service. We focus on understanding the athletic, academic, social, geographical and financial needs in relation to your college search.


There are many times when I respond to dozens of emails and dozens of text messages in ONE day with a family to give them proper guidance. There are many times when I'll speak with clients over the phone 3-5 times in ONE day to make sure they are responding to college coaches' text messages professionally, strategically and instantaneously.