Sport Contact USA | Helping soccer athletes get recruited by US colleges and universities


Sport Contact USA is a web based company that provides sport scouting and recruiting strategies for athletes around the globe. We help athletes gain admittance into U.S. Colleges with the hope of participating in sports at the collegiate level. United States College coaches utilize Sport Contact USA to recruit for their athletic program and rely on us to provide quality prospects for evaluation and recruitment.

As a Sport Contact USA prospect, you can trust us and our professional staff to effectively promote and advertise your athletic skills and academic achievements. We will make your profile and videos available to every U.S. college coach in the sport of your choosing. Listed below are some key points you should be aware of regarding Sport Contact USA:

  • We scout and recruit worldwide.
  • We provide recruiting seminars to families that will guide you through the complex nature of recruiting, rules, and athletic scholarship awards that is designed to help you obtain the highest scholarship possible.
  • We work with coaches from NCAA DI, DII, DIII, NAIA and NJCAA institutions.
  • We help you identify colleges and athletic programs that are best suited for your academic and athletic desires and accomplishments.
  • Our scouts will personally identify high school athletes to insure that they are qualified to play sports in a U.S. college environment.
  • We scout and attend as many tournaments, showcases, combines and evaluation camps as possible across America.
  • We strive to find a scout near you to see you “in action” to better evaluate your potential.
  • Our scouts and employees are trained and updated on U.S. college recruiting rules.
  • At the request of a family, coach, or player, we provide free evaluations.

Why Choose Sport Contact USA
Sport Contact USA comprises of staff that have coaching and/or recruiting experience with organizations affiliated with the NCAA Div I, Div II, Div III, NJCAA, and NAIA. Our wide range of experience will provide you with knowledge that many companies haven’t acquired. We will guide you through the stages of the recruiting process and show you “tricks of the trade” that coaches utilize to convince you to join their program on “the cheap”. Sport Contact USA will demonstrate to you that their knowledge is invaluable and that our company is best suited to get you what you want from the recruiting process!

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