Sport Contact USA is a college sport recruiting service company that provides strategies and consultation for athletes and their families to navigate them through their college search. We help athletes gain admittance into U.S. Colleges with the hope of participating in sports at the collegiate level. United States College coaches utilize Sport Contact USA to recruit for their athletic program and rely on us to provide quality prospects for evaluation and recruitment.

As a Sport Contact USA prospect, you can trust us and our professional staff to effectively promote and advertise your athletic skills and academic achievements. We will make your profile and highlight video available to every U.S. college coach in the sport of your choosing. Listed below are a few of the services we provide to help you during your college search.

  • We work with coaches from NCAA DI, DII, DIII, NAIA and NJCAA institutions.
  • We provide recruiting seminars to families that will guide you through the complex nature of recruiting, rules, and athletic scholarship awards that is designed to help you obtain the highest scholarship possible.
  • We help construct a highlight video
  • We consult with you and your family year round
  • We help you identify colleges and athletic programs that are best suited for your academic and athletic desires and accomplishments.
  • We scout and attend as many tournaments, showcases, combines and evaluation camps as possible across America.
  • Our scouts and employees are trained and updated on U.S. college recruiting rules.


Jason Higgins

  • 1 College Cup Final Four Appearance
  • 5 NCAA Tournament Appearances
  • 10 NCAA Post Seasons Appearances
  • 4 Conference Championships
  • 16 Players Drafted Into MLS
  • Recruit Classes Ranked 4th and 7th In Nation
  • Coached NCAA DIV I, II and III
  • Southern Methodist University (Div. 1), University of Dayton (Div. 1), College of the Holy Cross (Div. 1), Rutgers University (Div. 1), Chaminade University (Div. 2), Springfield College (Div. 3), Schreiner University (Div. 3), and Thomas College (Div. 3). National Technical Director for the Northern Mariana Islands.


I have been working with Jason Higgins at Sport Contact USA. He has been assisting me with all aspects of our college recruiting for my 16 year old son who is a soccer player. In this time, he has provided excellent insight into the college soccer recruiting process, developed a video of my son’s highlights and created a profile sheet of his soccer and academic accomplishments to date. He has always been available to guide us through the process and we look forward to a successful recruiting outcome.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jason as an expert consultant or his college recruiting company to assist in this often complicated process.

-Bob Ludwick

Jason was an integral staff member at Southern Methodist University during my tenure there. He was responsible for recruiting, scholarship allocation, video breakdown, match analysis and much more. His understanding of the financial aid system and ability to build relationship with student-athletes was instrumental in the success of the program and our Division I Final Four College Cup run in 2005!
Jason’s experience with me, his work at other top Division I programs and his coaching background at the Division II and III level provides a complete understanding of the college soccer landscape that only a handful of coaches can claim. He is a quality person that will only be a tremendous benefit for families who are beginning their college search for their son or daughter. I highly recommend his college recruiting company and services to anyone who is trying to navigate through their own search.

-Schellas Hyndman
Former FC Dallas Head Coach, MLS
Former Southern Methodist University Men’s Soccer Coach, Division I

Jason Higgins (Sport Contact USA) has been working with my daughter Sammy with her recruiting efforts to play soccer at the collegiate level. He has been very helpful in assisting her through this lengthy process and providing timely advice during key communication with the coaches. Here’s an overview as to some of the critical services he has provided:

- Provided a list of DI, DII & DIII schools for her to consider based on both academics and soccer ability/range.
- Assisted her with the writing and responding to coaches emails during different times of the recruiting process
- Available 7 days per week for advice, insight, and overall coaching on certain situations as they arise, with a quick response rate.
- Helps in her positioning to coaches during the different stages of the recruiting process

With his vast experience of coaching D1 soccer, he knows exactly what coaches are looking for (both on and off the field) as well as what is appropriate in regards to reaching out, responses, etc. and uses that knowledge to empower the players as they search for the right fit both academically and athletically, as it’s a balance that needs to be carefully examined throughout this entire process.

-Carla Ferrera

Jason was really helpful in evaluating my 16 year-old son's playing ability and helping us to focus on what he needs to do and which colleges he should focus on to improve his potential to be recruited for college. I highly recommend Jason for anyone looking to play soccer in college.

-Jim Provenzano

Jason Higgins performed an evaluation of my son who is a freshman in high school. He was extremely knowledgeable and accurate in assessing his strengths and weaknesses during the match. In addition, Jason was able to inform me of the Division level that he felt my son would be able to play for. My personal meeting with Jason during the game was an added bonus as I was able to ask him many questions about the college soccer recruiting process that he answered in great detail. I highly recommend to anyone to have an evaluation done by Sport Contact USA.

-Jose Acosta

Sport Contact USA College Recruiting Service helps great High School soccer athletes maximize their exposure to College Coaches